halloween-candyWorking at a chocolate company, it’s hard for us to not be excited for Halloween. It’s a day, after all, that revolves around delicious treats. Chef Fred has gotten into the spirit of the day with ghost (buttercreme) and pumpkin (peanut pretzel) confections that are available for purchase in the chocolate case, as well as made for the tummies of the lucky trick-or-treaters that are out on Fayette St. Pop by in costume and see what we have in store!

featured-maplepumpkin-mailchimpIf you’re the sort who spends Halloween in the most sincere pumpkin patch, our Fall Seasonal Bar, Maple Pumpkin Caramel, was designed with you in mind. Filled with great ingredients from our friends at Maple Acres Farm, this bar oozes gooey salted caramel and maple syrup while toothsome pumpkin seed brittle adds a delightful crunch.

We really dig how this bar turned out, so in celebration of the holiday…

FOR $5.50! — SHOP NOW! }}

And that, friends, are our TREATS for you this week — Cheers to a safe and fun Halloween!

Best wishes,
Tradestone Confections