Introducing the Whiskey Tasting Box, created in
collaboration with Dad’s Hat Rye, distilled in Bristol, PA.
A warm and festive pairing that complements merry-making this coming season.



Featuring our Cinnamon, Double Mint and Caramel Apple confections, these selections from our signature line are enhanced when enjoyed with a glass of Rye in ways that will delight the lover of fine food & spirits in your life — especially if that is you!

The Whiskey Tasting Box is available as part of our Holiday Line, debuting on 11/15. Normally to be retailing via our website for $18.50, we are offering a pre-order special of $15 per box until launch.

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Purchase it alongside a bottle of Dad’s Hat standard rye for one of the best gift ideas we have going this holiday season. Packaging includes tasting notes, and a $3 mail in rebate is available when you mail in proof of purchase from both items. Download the rebate here.

Please join us at Tradestone Cafe on Friday, 11/14, for our kickoff party, where we will be tasting all 3 confections alongside 3 whiskey pairings.

John Cooper from Dad’s Hat Rye and Fred Ortega, our Chef/Owner, will be leading the tastings, discussing what to look for in each chocolate/whiskey pairing. Whiskeys to be tasted are their Standard, White and Vermouth Finished Ryes.

Two Seatings: 7pm & 8pm, $10 per person.  

Please RSVP to to reserve your spot!

More to Come?
Keep your eyes on our EVENTS Calendar to keep on top of where else we are going to be throughout November and December, with boozy libations and without.

Best wishes,
Tradestone Confections